Indonesia: Appeal for national elections

The spotlight nowadays shines on the USA, UK, and in terms of national elections, also on France. But on April 19, there is another important election coming up: the second-round election of Indonesia's governor. Jakarta’s Christian and ethnically Chinese governor, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, popularly known by his Hakka nickname Ahok, won the first round of the Indonesian capital's gubernatorial election in February. This is one of Indonesia's most polarizing elections. Read more about it here.

The Indonesian Catholic Society Forum (Forum Masyarakat Katolik Indonesia, a Pax Christi International member organisation) published an appeal regarding the elections. The call was presented in a press conference held by the Indonesian Bishops Conference in Jakarta.

In the appeal,  it is pointed out that the election is an essential instrument to build a civilization: Citizens have the free will to determine the appropriate political choices of conscience, and that money, politics and intimidation that actually destroy civilisation should be rejected.

Read the appeal and more of our member organisation on this blog.


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