Israel-Palestine: Pax Christi International co-presidents to join Holy Land Coordination trip in January


from the Pax Christi International Washington Working Group

17/12/18 - Marie Dennis and Bishop Kevin Dowling, Pax Christi International Co-Presidents, will join Catholic bishops from many countries around the world in visiting Gaza, the West Bank and Israel in January. 

As we all unfortunately know, the situation in Palestine has been deteriorating over a number of years. In Gaza, Bishop Dowling, Ms. Dennis and the bishops intend on meeting with the pastor of Holy Family parish, the only Catholic parish in Gaza along with representatives of Catholic Relief Services working in Gaza, among others. In Bethlehem, they will meet with Rania Murra, the Executive Director of the Arab Educational Institute, Pax Christi International's member organisation, among others.

Read more about the delegation in this article.


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