Italy: Meeting on "Iraq: war of lies" to take place on 22 May


20/5/19 - Another meeting of Pax Christi-Peace Point of Lamezia Terme on the themes of peace in the most forgotten places of the world is scheduled for Wednesday 22 May 2019 at 18:30 in the cloister of San Domenico. The theme, "Iraq: the war of lies", will be treated by Don Renato Sacco, National Coordinator of Pax Christi Italy. We will talk about the real reasons for that useless and inhuman massacre by exposing the enormous shroud of lies used by Westerners, such as that of Colin Powell who, to motivate the UN to attack Bush in Iraq, adduced on the grounds that Saddam Hussein was about to poison the world with anthrax, thus making himself guilty of death. They invented themselves, to make aggression less tragic, the anesthetic novelty of the surgical war that exported war syringes but made us believe that they did not bring death and destruction but harmless vials of democracy. Today, in the light of the lies used without restraint to cover the real interests related to oil, we can better understand the scope of the two great doctrinal revolutions made by two popes in the Catholic Church in the last fifty years: the condemnation of war as a "insanity" , no matter what had been said of the "just war" made by John XXIII in Pacem in Terris, and that of the death penalty as "in itself contrary to the Gospel and inhuman" pronounced by Pope Francis. The meeting will be useful, especially in this historical phase, to understand the real reasons for the tragedies of the past, but also to build a future of peace and hope.

Renato Sacco, Italy, Pax Christi Italy, Iraq