Italy: National President of Pax Christi Italy decries indifference in the face of death


by Bishop Giovanni Ricchiuti, National President of Pax Christi Italy

14/8/19 - I cannot keep silent about my indignation at so much cruelty, exploitation and indifference in the face of death.

How can we forget the words of Pope Francis, in Lampedusa, on 8 July 2013: 'Which of us has cried for this fact and for facts like this? Who has wept over the death of these brothers and sisters?"

Even the murder of the young carabiniere, Mario Cerciello Rega, in Rome, has become a reason for instrumentalization and inhuman controversy. Some authoritative politicians have contributed to creating, with irresponsible statements, a climate of hatred that is spreading in our country.

Almost as if the murderer's nationality was more important than the pain for the victim!

And for the 150 people who died at sea, all we have left is a cold account! We risk getting used to it. I cannot accept this, and as Bishop President of Pax Christi, I express all my bewilderment along with the pain for innocent victims.

And also for those who have been saved, like the 135 migrants that on the "Gregoretti" ship of our Coast Guard wait, now for some days, to know when and where they will be landed, assisted and welcomed. We are crazy! ...

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