Italy: Pax Christi Italy national coordinator to speak on arms and disarmament on 7-8 March


from Pax Christi Italy

22/2/19 - On March 7th in Catania, organised by the Pax Christi Peace Point at the parish of Saints Peter and Paul, a meeting will take place with the national coordinator of Pax Christi, Fr Renato Sacco.

The theme, on arms and disarmament, significantly bears the title: "Art. 11 of the Constitution and law 185/90: where did they go? "

Don Renato, in reiterating the role of the church in inviting disarmament in all senses and in all dimensions, will make an excursus of all the problems on the armaments that afflict our country and the whole world, from the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (not signed by Italy), the production of increasingly sophisticated and destructive weapons, and the general tendency towards arm proliferation on an individual and collective level.

In the awareness of the crucial role of education on these issues, the following day, 8 March, Father Renato will also meet the students of a Polyvalent Technical Institute in Catania.

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