Italy: Pax Christi Italy offers a workshop on inclusive citizenship education


from Verba Volant of Pax Christi Italy

2/7/19 - On 7/8 September 2019, the House for Peace will offer a workshop on inclusive citizenship education. The workshop is entitled: "We remain human: the conviviality of differences". 

In the current climate of intolerance and violence, we want to invite you to reflect on the real dangers and opportunities of the encounter with those different from us in general and with the migrant in particular. Above all in this workshop, alternative methods of approaching persons different from us and also responding to those who put into practice discriminatory behaviour will be experimented.

How can I intervene in the face of conflicts unleashed for reasons related to different cultural backgrounds? How can I react when I see someone behaving in a racist way? How can I raise my children, my students, the young people who have been entrusted to me with a welcoming and non-selfish attitude? The workshop will try to suggest ways to answer these questions.

Skills developed

  • Self-awareness and knowledge of the other
  • Active listening and empathy
  • Effective communication
  • Trust in others
  • Self-esteem and self-confidence towards interpersonal relationship difficulties
  • Mutual understanding, rediscovery of personal and other potential and value
  • Ability to manage conflicts and complex interpersonal situations
  • Ability to propose to the children of their group class educational activities centered on hospitality

The workshop is aimed at anyone wishing to increase their transversal skills in the areas of proactive communication, conflict management, effective interaction, non-discriminatory behaviours: students, young people, parents, citizens, third sector operators, professionals, with an articulated attention to teachers and educators...

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