Italy: Pax Christi Italy president calls government attitude toward migrants, "obsessive, violent, racist"


7/10/18 - The President of Pax Christi, Msgr. Ricchiuti: "Salvini Decree, we do not stand for it! "We do not recognise ourselves in those who propose inhuman laws!"

In the aftermath of the unanimous approval by the CdM of the Security Decree, better known as Salvini Decree - hailed by the Minister of the Interior as a resolver, finally, of all the troubles that the refugees and migrants are making to our country and from deafening chorus of that frightening percentage - 60% of Italian citizens applaud and share.

On the occasion of the National Day in memory of the victims of migration, the President of Pax Christi, Msgr. Ricchiuti declares that the attitude of the Minister of the Interior, the Interior Ministry and the Government seems to be obsessive, violent and racist. By now, refugees and migrants are considered nothing more than delinquents, criminals, rapists, prostitutes and drug dealers, thieves of homes and work of Italians.

"These are many messages that, unfortunately, are passing through the mass media, in the squares and in the streets, and even in the churches and among the 'good' Christians, narcotising minds, hearts and consciences."

"I believe that this Decree too," - states the national president of Pax Christi - "is to be included in that 'war in pieces' of which Pope Francis often speaks. The consequences of this decree (if it should come into force, but I sincerely hope it can be stopped), would be devastating on the skin of the 'migrants and refugees, men and women in search of peace', as the pope wrote for the last world day of peace. You go towards a mass of people in big ghettos with easily imaginable consequences, instead of favouring a widespread reception in many small businesses as it is already happening in many communities..."

"... we do not recognise ourselves" - concludes Msgr. Richiutti - "in whom proposes inhumane laws, and we do not recognise ourselves in that 60% of people who applauds."


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