Italy: Pax Christi Italy's House for Peace offers workshop on "From intolerance to hospitality"


31/1/19 - Pax Christi Italy's House for Peace in Florence will offer a workshop on "From intolerance to hospitality," exploring propositional communication and effective interaction on 2-3 February. 

In a political and social climate increasingly characterised by fear of the other, Pax Christi has always been walking the streets of the world, in the company of groups, realities, individuals belonging to other faiths or non-believers. This workshop aims to develop the ability to relate to others effectively and to be able to transform conflicting and discriminatory situations into moments of mutual understanding and knowledge.

The educational proposals of Pax Christi are not of a confessional nature but are aimed at people of any religious orientation and professional activity.

The skills acquired in the workshop will be fundamental communication tools in every area - family, professional, associative, friendly - and will help to make the interpersonal climate dialogic, proactive and profitable.

In fact, the workshop proposes a model of interaction between people that allows living the social and work dimension, building a more effective and lasting relationship with others, focused on collaboration, on peer learning, on a sense of responsibility, and on mutual respect.

In the training course we will experiment with alternative ways of approaching the other, the one we do not know or with whom we have not established a relationship of knowledge and collaboration (because of different origins, culture, religion, etc)...

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