Italy: Pax Christi Italy's president documents recent events, activities


by Giovanni Ricchiuti, President of Pax Christi Italy

26/3/19 - As they say, "much water has passed under the bridge" since our last conversation in the last issue of Verba Volant, but these waters are not always calm, clear and transparent, because unfortunately once again we are looking bewildered and indignant about yet another shipwreck of migrants off the coast of Libya. An Italian ship rescued and brought another 49 migrants to the port of Lampedusa. Then there is the case of the two Italian boys who, with great courage, in San Donato Milanese, phoned their parents and avoided a massacre by saving their other companions; but as it happens, they were born in Italy from "non-EU" parents -- but they are still Italian!! In these two events we heard from, as usual, the ineffable Minister of the Interior. 

Then there was the trial of the mayor of Riace, Mimmo Lucano. And, again, a migrant caught fire in the tent of the reception center of San Ferdinando. I stop here ... I won't add anything else.

But this month of March, through today, has been rich in many initiatives. At various Peace Points, Pax Christi is present, speaking, acting for our commitment to peace education. With many, I remember the participation in the conference on our responsibilities in the production and trade of weapons held on 1 March in Rome in the Palace of the Parliamentary Groups; and the various initiatives of the 21st of March, for us the Day of Memory and Commitment for the innocent victims of the mafias, organised by LIBERA.

Then there was the National Council at the House for Peace on 16-17 March, where we discussed many things and prepared our annual assembly, scheduled for 27/28 April in Pisa, where we will gladly meet to check our path as peace craftsmen...

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