Italy: For a peace policy, what are our choices?


from Verba Volant of Pax Christi Italy

3/2/19 - One of the most significant interventions at the conference of Pax Christi Italy held in Santeramo in Colle on 30-31 December 2018 was that of Don Rocco D'Ambrosio, professor of Political Philosophy at the Gregorian University of Rome and president of the association "Looking for an end". His report, "For a peace policy: what are our choices?" was naturally inspired by the Pope's message for the first of January, "Good politics is at the service of peace".

After stressing that in his speech the Pope lists as many as 10 political vices, the speaker added that unfortunately the ills of politics are widespread both in the Western world and in developing countries.

With the prevalence of so-called populisms or nationalisms, politics has become prey and therefore there are predators. This concept embraces a substantial part of politics, while only a few people live it as service. In general, moreover, the policy of local administrators is better than our national ones.

The prey of politics are: power, financial resources, democratic institutions, consensus, the poor and foreigners...

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