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Italy: Pax Christi Italy brings U.S. student activist on gun control to Italy for week of nonviolence

Pax Christi Italia expresses not only its concern but its complete disapproval of the legislative decree that just came into force a few days ago, with which Italy has implemented the European directive no. 853 of 2017 on the possession of weapons...

Italy: The "Demilitarised Schools" campaign expresses its solidarity with Antonio Mazzeo

With regard to the Pax Christi campaign on "Demilitarized Schools", we must highlight that numerous voices besides that of Pax Christi have been raised to express solidarity with Antonio Mazzeo, the Messina teacher subjected to disciplinary proceedings in the institute where he teaches for disputing military propaganda in his school...

Italy: Pope Francis commemorates the life of the former bishop-president of Pax Christi Italy


25/4/18 - VATICAN CITY (CNS) — The church needs courageous men and women like Italian Bishop Antonio Bello of Molfetta, who imitated Jesus’ closeness to the poor and the downtrodden, Pope Francis said.

Visiting the birthplace of the beloved bishop affectionately known as “Don Tonino,” the pope said Bishop Bello’s life and ministry “remind us to not theorize closeness to the poor but to be close to them as Jesus did.”


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