Pakistan: National Commission of Justice and Peace appeals to Pakistan, Indian leadership to avoid war


from Agenzia Fides

28/2/19 - "Appreciated the moderate and reasonable attitude of Pakistan's military and political leadership. We ask the governments of both India and Pakistan to resume peace talks and resolve all issues through dialogue," says an appeal issued today by the National Commission for Justice and Peace (NCJP) of the Episcopal Conference of Pakistan. The joint declaration is signed by Archbishop Joseph Arshad, President of the Commission; by Fr. Emmanuel Yousaf, National Director; and Cecil Shane Chaudhry, executive director of the NCJP.

In the text sent to Fides, Archbishop Joseph Arshad, President of the Episcopal Conference of Pakistan, declares: "The refusal to get involved in a war has gained international support and appreciation: Prime Minister Imran Khan and Major General Asif Ghafoor have repeatedly suggested to the Indian leadership to resolve all disputes through dialogue. We expect the international community to play its role in tackling the situation that is causing the loss of life and avoid a ruinous conflict in this region."

"Without giving in to the difficulties," continues the Archbishop, "we must all seek and follow every possible way to avoid war, which always creates pain and serious consequences for all. We pray that God Almighty can grant wisdom to the leadership of both countries, to solve the current crisis, so that peace and prosperity can prevail, leading to a better future for people in the region and in the world."

Fr. Emmanuel Yousaf states that "the Church and the whole Christian community support our armed forces and political leadership. Pakistan acted as a responsible state. We want peace and do not want to bring this region to war. We suggest the Indian leadership to review its attitude and not destabilise the entire region in search of political interests."


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