Palestine: AEI asks the world to celebrate Christmas, but don't forget today's Bethlehem


from the Arab Educational Institute

11/1/19 - During this Christmas, we tell the world publicly: “Celebrate Christmas – but don’t forget today’s Bethlehem.”

Among the many issues of concern for today’s Bethlehem, there is one in particular to which AEI’s Sumud Story House wants to give special attention during this Christmas and actually the whole year of 2019. Since over a decade 182 Palestinian Christian and Moslem landowners are unable to access their lands which are located in a large area of over 700 hectare to the north of Bethlehem. The Israeli authorities’ reason for closing the lands and denying access to the landowners is ‘security’, since the Wall cuts those lands. (Rather, the Wall is a source of insecurity for Palestinians).

AEI’s Sumud Story House, where groups of Palestinian women weekly come together, is located close to this wall. Though we have many cases which need testimony and support, AEI wants to take up this case close to our office and in front of our very eyes.

We will raise attention to the landowners’ and their families’ plight by developing supportive relations between communities abroad and the northern Bethlehem community including the landowners. Such relations support people’s morale and help crossing walls. The landowners have the right to access their own lands. With your help AEI can support their cause.

Please inform us whether you know a local community in your country – a church, neighborhood, women’s group, club– that can be approached to help bringing across the call of the landowners and their families about their right to access their own lands. Just write to us ( and we will send you more information about the Sumud Story House and this action.

Thank you for not forgetting present day Bethlehem!


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