Palestine: Easter message from the Arab Educational Institute


What does Easter mean to us?

Easter challenges us to find eyes to see, hands to stretch, arms to embrace and feet to visit. When we are in Christ, we are invited to become a brand new people. Transformation must begin right now to transform our lives, homes and communities with an active engagement to bring the joy of Easter to others.

Easter is about hope. Hope for a better life to come to all, a life in which basic needs are met. Hope which emerges out of visiting needy and lonely people. We need to give ourselves fully to the work of the Lord, since the work done through Him is not in vain. Resurrection is about action by God through us.

There is at present too much injustice around us: dictatorial regimes, burgeoning arms trade, persistent gender inequality, violent extremism under the banner of religion, terrorist attacks, poverty due to wars and draughts, environmental threats and a great many human rights violations - by Palestinians experienced in the daily illegal practices of Israeli occupation.

Each one of us, as well as civil societies and governments, need to unite efforts to address the roots of these challenges. This can be done through education, empowerment of youth and women, creation of economic opportunities and implementing values of humanity, citizenship, diversity and living together. We need to continue a peaceful, loving but persistent struggle against all forms of oppression and injustice following the good model of the teachings of the Holy Books.

The journey from suffering and death to resurrection and joy in free, abundant life, requires faith and love in God. We need to energize hope against hope, a strong will and sumud, and work and sacrifice with love.

May the Almighty God bestow on us His grace, peace and love so that we celebrate the joy and victory of the resurrection of Jesus. May the Risen Christ grant hope to the world and the Middle East. All ethnic, cultural, political and religious groups in our region need to work together in unity to advance the common good and respect for human rights.

From Rania Morra, Director


Easter, Rania Morra, Palestine, Arab Educational Institute