Palestine: Pax Christi member organisation in Palestine issues statement on prisoners' hunger strike


from the Arab Educational Institute

More than 1500 Palestinian prisoners have started a hunger strike to protest about their living conditions in Israeli prisons. With few exceptions, these prisons are in Israel, not in the occupied Palestinian territories, as the Geneva Conventions stipulate. The prisoners demand the implementation of basic rights which echo what has been called by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime as the “standard minimum rules for the treatment of prisoners”. These include the possibility to make telephone calls to family, medical examinations and educational programs.

According to the Palestinian Human Rights group Adameer, more than 800.000 Palestinians have been imprisoned over the last five decades that the occupation of the West Bank, Gaza and East-Jerusalem has lasted. There is little justice practiced in the Israeli military’s courts. Almost 90% of the accused Palestinians are convicted. The military legal system heavily discriminates against Palestinians.

The hunger strike of the prisoners once again draws attention to a basic human rights issue against a background of 50 years of harsh occupation.

We strongly appeal to everyone to call for the application of international law, humanitarian law and the U.N resolutions concerning the Palestinian question in order to achieve mutual security and just peace in the region.



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