Palestine: Statement from our member organisation, the Arab Educational Institute - "Palestinians not to be bullied into surrender"


from the Arab Educational Institute

21/5/18 - NOTE: The following statement was issued by our member organisation, the Arab Educational Institute, in Bethlehem on 15 May 2018. 

Two contrasting images.

The first: Yesterday’s images of the Gaza Strip, along the border, where Israeli sharpshooters from hundreds of meters distance cruelly kill at least 59 demonstrators and injure thousands more. The demonstrators come to the borders with bare hands and much courage, demanding the right of return to their ancestral homes.

The other image: The misplaced triumphalism of Netanyahu fully supported by the Trump administration during the opening yesterday of the American embassy in Jerusalem. The opening is a gross violation of international law, once again preventing a political solution to the Palestine Israel conflict.

We expect many more demonstrations in the West Bank, Gaza and among Palestinians in Israel to commemorate the Gazan victims of the sharpshooters and the drones but also those of 70 years ago from the time of the Nakba, or ‘disaster’, when over 750.000 Palestinians were forced to leave their homeland and afterwards their return was blocked. Palestinians know that the Nakbeh, the ethnic cleansing, is continuing, especially in the West Bank and Jerusalem where residents and sometimes whole communities are under pressure to leave their homes.

Through a general strike in the West Bank people show their anger and sadness. Perhaps they have no optimism in the nearby future, but always hope, as Palestinians are a proud and resilient people which will not be bullied into surrender. Palestinians find themselves in a dark and long tunnel of occupation but know that right is on their side. We know and recognise the support and solidarity of so many people in the civil societies worldwide.

Moreover, inspired by the example of the Great Marches in Gaza, we will build upon traditions of nonviolent resistance, and keep going on with breaking the international silence by telling Palestine’s story in many and new ways, here and abroad.


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