Pax Christi International publishes training guide on the SDGs in the Asia-Pacific region


14/3/18 - As an outcome of last year’s UNESCO funded SDG training in Manila with our members and partners organizations of the Asia-Pacific region (week of 27 November till 1 December 2017), we are publishing a training guide. The  guide was used by participants for their preparation and during the SDG training. Afterwards, input from the discussions and group work as well as pictures from the training have been incorporated in this final version. You can consult the SDG guide by clicking here.

Through this SDG guide on the SDGs in the Asia-Pacific region, we wish to inform those who took part in the training, as well as people from our wider network, about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), highlight current contributions from our member and partner organizations through their nonviolence work in the Asia-Pacific region and provide inspiration and tools for further action. We encourage readers of this guide to translate and apply relevant parts of this guide to their specific situations and ground realities.



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