Pax Christi USA featured in article calling church to address racism


(From a Catholic News Service article) Prayer, reflection and discussion are major parts of a year-old effort by Pax Christi USA to build interracial understanding and promote peace. Sister Patricia Chappell, executive director, said the Communities of Color workshops, offered six times thus far, are meant to bring people together to talk and reflect on the gifts they bring to the church as well as the wider community.


"The reality of the Catholic Church and, of course, our country is that Sunday morning services still continue to be the most segregated times in America," said Sister Patricia, who is black and a member of the Sister of Notre Dame de Namur.


Pax Christi USA leaders decided to develop the workshops because they saw that true peace would never be realized until people better understood each other. In many cases, the discussions are the first that participants have ever had about race relations.


"It's providing an opportunity for people to build community and to be in right relationships with each other," Sister Patricia said, "and to continue this discussion of how do we build this community valuing the cultural and ethnic gifts that each person brings."


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