News tagged "racism"

Belgium: BePax offers new resource on anti-Semitism

We have long believed in Europe that the years separating us from the Shoah removed with them the spectre of anti-Semitism in Europe. Yet the last 15 years have been marked by, on the one hand, an increase in anti-Semitic speech, especially visible on the internet, and on the other hand by a return of hate crimes against the Jews...

Pax Christi International members from Japan, South Africa attend world conference on xenophobia, racism

Religious leaders and civil society representatives of different countries and diverse Christian churches, including Pax Christi International members Sr. Filo Hirota of Japan (pictured right, center of photo) and Fr. Peter-John Pearson of South Africa (pictured right, foreground of photo), gathered in Rome from 18-20 September to discuss the urgent task of combating the world’s increasing fear of so-called “strangers.”...


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