Syria: Sieges still matter says PAX with final Siege Watch report


from PAX

28/4/19 - The final Siege Watch report, “Out of Sight, Out of Mind: the Aftermath of Syria’s Sieges,” published in March, offers a summary of six years of sieges and considers the current needs of the victims. The report also draws conclusions about the strategy of sieges, and offers recommendations – both about what to do now to help the victims, but also what the international community can do in the future to protect civilians.

Two-and-a-half million people, or ten percent of the pre-war Syrian population, were victims of sieges, of a man-made humanitarian disaster of historic proportions. These military and economic blockades were imposed on civilian populations, and forced people to live cut off from electricity and running water, deprived of food, fuel, medical supplies and other basic necessities. Hospitals, schools, markets and relief supplies were targets of attack. Many besieged communities were subjected to devastating attacks, and some were demolished under scorched earth campaigns. This was all part of a premediated, carefully executed strategy of war...

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