Talk on Spirituality of Reconciliation

The Pax Christi Institute in the Philippines in cooperation with the 9th Batch of the University of St. La Salle Master of Arts in Conflict and Reconciliation Studies [MACRS], Balayan, Center for Lasallian Ministries and the Vocations office organised a talk on “Spirituality of Reconciliation” at USLS Cody Conference Hall in early October.


Marie Dennis, Co-President of Pax Christi International was a guest speaker at this event. In her intervention, Marie Dennis explained the essence of spirituality of reconciliation as “the process of restoring right relationships.  There can be peace and reconciliation only with God as He is the author of reconciliation. The true and genuine reconciliation requires repentance that is unconditional acknowledgement of guilt, sincerity of the heart in telling truth, observance of restorative justice in restoring right relationship with one another.“


Marie Dennis further explained that “our spirituality is rooted in an absolute belief in the dignity and worth of every human person. God called us to right relationships which are built on respect of the worth and dignity of every human person and observance of social justice. Everyone has the human rights to have a life, dignity and sufficiency, so there is social justice.  Hence, our spirituality is basically based on a belief in every person’s dignity and worth as human being.”


She further stated that “peace and reconciliation can possibly be attained if we can find it within ourselves” whereby “healing, truth-telling, justice, repentance and restoration are the main aspects of Spiritual Reconciliation.”


The Pax Christi Institute in the Philippines is grateful for the opportunity to conduct this kind of forum with Pax Christi International Co-President Marie Dennis and looks forward to the opportunity to further engage in different peace-related initiatives to help establish peace and spread the real essence and beauty of spiritual reconciliation in today’s world torn by conflict.