UK: Reflecting on the initiative to start a Pax Christi Scotland


24/4/18 - Ross Ahlfeld of Glasgow Catholic Worker recently wrote on his hopes for the new Pax Christi Scotland initiative...

I was delighted to learn recently, that the good folks at Justice and Peace Scotland have decided to nurture and develop the implementation of a Pax Christi group for Scotland. We Catholic Workers in Scotland, very much welcome this initiative. We also look forward to benefiting from Justice and Peace Scotland’s efforts to disseminate Pax Christi’s unique vision for reconciliation to the wider Scottish justice and peace network. Indeed, the practical application of Pax Chrisiti’s excellent resources on prayer and nonviolence to our specific Scottish context is something we should all be excited about.

Yet, you may well ask, in what specific way will a Scottish Pax Christi impact on Scotland’s Justice and Peace movement?

Perhaps one small example might be our annual Good Friday Stations of the Cross procession through the streets of Glasgow. This year, Glasgow Catholic Worker used Pax Christi’s 'Follow Me - The Way of the Cross' booklet. This wonderful little booklet is a brilliant resource for groups and communities, offering prayers and reflections taken from the writings of Blessed Franz Jägerstätter.

As we moved off from the Cenotaph at George Square, we reflected on the misery of war and the legacy of our city’s shameful involvement in the slave trade. We then stopped at the ‘Sleeping Jesus’ statue and thought on our homeless friends who come to our soup kitchen every Friday night. Then, at the ‘Hielanman's Umbrella’ we prayed for an end to pollution and poverty and at various other stops on the way down to the banks of the Clyde...

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