USA: Conference on just war, just peace in dialogue took place in October


In early October, the University of San Diego held a conference, "The Catholic Church Moves Towards Nonviolence? Just Peace, Just War In Dialogue," to engage peace activists and theorists in dialogue with military theorists and educators on this important topic. The basic assumption is that both groups are committed to peace, but ask, is there any common ground? Common language? We hope both sides will challenge one another with their concerns and visions, resulting in a deeper understanding of one another’s vision and method. Can nonviolence work? Is armed conflict the only solution to world conflicts? What is the best way to peace? Is the just war theory still of value?  If a major paradigm shift occurs in the Catholic Church’s understanding of Just War, we hope this exchange will help refine the argument.  

A number of people with connections to Pax Christi International and the Catholic Nonviolence Initiative took part in the conference.

Click here to see videos and more from the conference.


University of San Diego, nonviolence, just peace, just war theory