Defence Policies

Peace and security must be seen as a positive reality, not just the absence of war or the maintenance of power between enemies. From the perspective of Pax Christi International, violence is never a proper response.

Violence destroys what it claims to defend: the dignity, life, and freedom of human beings. War is always a defeat for humanity. Consequently, there is an urgent need for all to seek alternatives to war as a solution to international conflict.

Seeking alternative solutions to war in order to resolve international conflicts has taken on a tremendous urgency today since the advent of the terrifying power of the means of destruction – to which even medium and small-sized countries have access. There must be a collective responsibility to avoid war, as there is a collective responsibility to promote development.

Every country has the responsibility to protect its citizens, but we believe that the cause can be best served through meetings, dialogue, and multi-lateral negotiations on disarmament with stringent compliance and verification measures. Increasing the number of weapons will not make our world more secure. The means of security will, in turn, become the threat to security itself.

Pax Christi International offers a platform to analyse and discuss the future security and defence environment worldwide. It is stated that terrorism and the spread of weapons of mass destruction are likely to be principal threats for the future.

Pax Christi International is aware of the necessity for developing – on the regional, national, and international levels - a stringent peacekeeping and conflict prevention defence policy. The United Nations is the competent authority to implement such a policy.

The responsibility lies with the UN Security Council for maintaining peace. Regional and international organisations should be in a position to work together to resolve conflicts and promote peace and thus reestablish relationships of mutual trust that make the recourse to war unthinkable.



  • International letter campaign on the retention/protection of Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution.
  • Advocacy campaign and letter campaign on the USA Missile Defence policy/system in Eastern European countries.
  • Pax Christi International issued a statement on NATO entitled "What future for this 60-year-old?"
  • Pax Christi International held workshops on the Responsibility to Protect (R2P).