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Pax Christi International's Africa Regional Coordinator visits member organisations, projects in Burundi, DRC

Pax Christi International now hiring for Fundraiser position at the International Secretariat in Brussels

Pax Christi International Co-Presidents visit the Middle East as part of the Holy Land Coordination

Pax Christi International launches new advocacy guide with examples of work by members and partners around the world

Pope Francis's 2019 World Day of Peace message

Pax Christi International issues statement on the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights

"Choosing Peace", a new book by Pax Christi International Co-President Marie Dennis examines the Catholic Church's return to gospel nonviolence

Empowering new generations on active nonviolence, entrepreneurship in Burundi, Rwanda, & Democratic Republic of Congo

In the DR Congo, "This is what NONVIOLENCE looks like!" #ThisIsNonviolence


Yemen: PAX says there is a spark of hope for Yemen

There is hope in Yemen. A spark, a hint of hope. Until recently, journalists haven’t been writing about Yemen in these terms...

Burundi: Formation des eleves du Lycee Municipal de Kinama sur la nonviolence active

Jeudi, en date du 17 janvier l’an 2019, l’équipe de Pax Christi International du Centre Jeunes Kamenge composée de Claude NKURUNZIZA (coordinateur) et Evrard NTIRAMPEBA (formateur) s’est rendue au Lycée Municipal de Kinama pour former les élèves de 1ère Sciences sur la Non-Violence Active, de 14h00 à 15h00...

Belgium: Pax Christi Flanders responds to the US termination of the INF Treaty

The United States announced on 1 February 2019 that it would withdraw from the historic INF treaty from 1987. This will reverse decades of progress on nuclear disarmament and can unleash a new nuclear arms race on European soil...

Democratic Republic of Congo: ANMDH calls on political actors to say "no to tribal hate and xenophobia"

Les Amis de Nelson Mandela pour la défense des Droits Humains (ANMDH), a non-governmental organisation based in Kisangani and Kinshasa, is sincerely satisfied with the way in which the Congolese people have followed the electoral process...

Philippines: Pax Christi Pilipinas issues statement following bombing at Jolo Cathedral

Pax Christi Pilipinas has joined several other organisations in releasing a statement on the bombing that happened at Jolo Cathedral on 27 January...

Burundi: Trainings on active nonviolence continue in Kinama at Holy Family School for 70 students

As part of the continuation of the project "Empowering New Generations on Active Nonviolence and Entrepreneurship", the Pax Christi International team of the Kamenge Youth Centre (composed of the coordinator Claude Nkurunziza, trainer Joséphine Karerwa, and trainer Evrard Ntirampeba) went to the Lycée Sainte Famille of Kinama on 18 January 2019 to give a teaching to the students of 3rd Sciences...