Remember, Rise: The Promise of Peace

Pax Christi International Gathering
18 to 22 May, Hiroshima (Japan)


In May more than 130 peacemakers from around the world will convene in Hiroshima (Japan) to celebrate 75 years since the birth of the Pax Christi movement. Together we will celebrate and recommit ourselves to harnessing the power of nonviolence and creating cultures of peace. We’ll explore what it means to be peacemakers in interreligious contexts, spend time listening and learning together, and share stories of hope. Our setting in Japan provides a unique moment to reflect on the devastation of nuclear technologies, and to learn about peacebuilding and reconciliation from survivors of the 1945 Hiroshima bombing.

For questions and information about the World Gathering, please contact Erin Green, Assembly Coordinator at

Practical Information for Participants

PROGRAMME – Here is the latest version of the programme in English and French. Final programme subject to change.

SOCIAL MEDIA – Follow and use #hiroshima2020 #rememberrise #paxchristi75 before and throughout the World Gathering to find and share the best moments, behind the scenes pictures and video, and your insights from Hiroshima.

TRAVEL – Attendees will pay their own travel expenses. For those traveling to Japan, it is advised to fly to Fukuoka or Osaka and then take the train (more expensive/faster) or the bus (much cheaper/slower) to Hiroshima. It is possible to fly to Hiroshima but the cost is likely to be much more expensive.

  • Fukuoka to Hiroshima The train takes about an hour; the bus takes about 4.5 hours. (Note that Fukuoka Airport is near Hakata; Hakata is often referenced in domestic travel for Fukuoka. You must travel into Hakata to access the train and the bus.)
  • Osaka to Hiroshima The train takes between 1.5-2 hours, depending on the train model, or 6-7 hours by bus.
  • This site has practical travel information including travel times and transportation information from Hiroshima station.

HOTELS – Attendees must arrange and pay for their own lodging. This is a list of recommended hotels, though participants are welcome to choose whatever lodging they prefer.

LOCATION – The World Gathering will begin at the Diocesan Center and the Assumption of Mary Peace Cathedral. A few sessions will take place at the JMS Aster Plaza Hotel.

The Cathedral/Diocesan Center is located on the right side of the map.


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