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Statement of PCI to the ECOSOC High-level Segment: Just and Effective Governance

COVID-19 has placed tremendous stress on societies around the world, generating significant insecurity and creating the potential for deepening violence that threatens the achievement of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. A global course correction to authentic, inclusive security is urgent. Global partnerships (SDG17) that cooperate on a spectrum of nonviolent actions are urgently needed

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Statement for the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People

As Israel ushers in a dangerous ultra-right wing, ultra-orthodox religious administration, belligerent Israeli settlers, protected by the Israeli Defense Force (IDF), are emboldened to viciously attack, and the sanctity of the holy city of Jerusalem is put in jeopardy. Never have the Palestinian people needed the support and solidarity of the international community more than

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Should ‘killer robots’ be banned? The forum designed to decide is failing to act. A new path is needed.

Article by Jonathan Frerichs, Pax Christi International representative in Geneva Autonomous robots capable of killing human beings should be banned. Most governments at a United Nations forum tackling this issue would agree. But the forum is deadlocked because the Russian government refuses to allow any substantive progress. Dozens of countries have proposed ways for the

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