International Secretariat

Secretary General

Greet Vanaerschot, Email: g.vanaerschot[at]


  • Cécile Azard, Global Network Facilitator, Email : c.azard[at]
  • Dirk Broos, Deputy Secretary General, Email : d.broos[at]
  • Judy Coode, Project Coordinator for the Catholic Nonviolence Initiative, Email : j.coode[at]
  • Marie Dennis, Program Chair for the Catholic Nonviolence Initiative, Email : marie.dennis[at]
  • Teresa De Vivo, Fund Development Officer, Email : t.devivo[at]paxchristi.netErin Green, Communications, Asia-Pacific Coordinator, Email :[at]
  • Martha Inés Romero, Latin America Regional Coordinator, Email : marthainesromero[at]
  • A. Dieudonné Serukabuza, Africa Regional Coordinator, Email: d.serukabuza[at]
  • Viviane Taton, Administration Volunteer, Email : hello[at]

Representatives at the UN in New York

  • Mary Yelenick, Main Representative
  • Elizabeth Begley, Additional Representative
  • Joe Donnelly, Additional Representative
  • Marie Adele Grosso, Youth Representative
  • Doug Hostetter, Additional Representative
  • Sophie Jay, Youth Representative
  • Abigail Abysalh Metzger, Additional Representative
  • Moses Osiro, Additional Representative (Kenya)
  • Marie Dennis, Senior Advisor to the Secretary General

Representatives at the UN in Geneva

  • Jonathan Frerichs, Main Representative

Representatives at the UN in Vienna

  • Elisabeth Jungmeier, Main Representative
  • Mag. Helga Tiffinger, Additional Representative

Representatives at the UNESCO in Paris

  • Ghislain Le Ray, Main Representative
  • Michel Kahla, Additional Representative 
  • Bérengère Savelieff, Additional Representative

Representative at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg

  • Alfonso Zardi, Main Representative