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Water for Life // Agua para la vida

English content follows below. Position paper is available in Spanish, English, and French. Agua Para la Vida Pax Christi Internacional lanza una nueva campaña que pone de relieve la necesidad de justicia en materia de agua en todo el continente americano, como consecuencia de las industrias extractivas. La campaña hace un llamamiento a la comunidad internacional

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Between Covid-19 and Extractivist Policies

New publication from Pax Christi International on the impacts, challenges, and alternatives to resisting communities in Latin America and the Caribbean. Entre el Covid-19 y las Políticas Extractivistas: Impactos, Retos y Alternativas para las comunidades que resisten en América Latina y el Caribe Between Covid-19 and Extractivist Policies: Impacts, Challenges, and Alternatives to resisting communities

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Global Solidarity with Communities, Indigenous Peoples and Workers at Risk from Mining Pandemic Profiteers

Pax Christi International joins more than 300 organisations from around the world in denouncing multinational mining companies that are profiting from the global COVID-19 pandemic. Resource extraction is one of the most destructive industries in the world, and mining companies are trying to profit from the current crisis. We condemn ways the industry and many

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