“An authentic faith always involves a deep desire to change the world, to transmit values, to leave this earth somehow better than we found it.”

~ Pope Francis
The Joy of the Gospel, 183

From the local to national and international levels, our peace movement is involved in advocacy efforts, such as fasting campaigns, demonstrations, media interviews, debates and meetings with church leaders. In our actions, we work together with civil society members, faith-based actors, community leaders and other partners to strengthen our voice in advocacy arenas.

We understand advocacy as efforts to influence public opinion and decision-makers for a more just and peaceful society in order to improve the conditions of our members, partners and people experiencing human rights violations, injustice, violence and insecurity.


> Nonviolence as a style of politics for peace

> The Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty

> Extractives in Latin America

> Renewed Israel-Palestine Peace Process


At the UN in New York

  • Mary Yelenick, Main Representative
  • Elizabeth Begley, Additional Representative
  • Abigail Abysalh Metzger, Additional Representative
  • Doug Hostetter, Additional Representative
  • Marie Dennis, Additional Representative

At the UN in Geneva

  • Jonathan Frerichs, Main Representative
  • Marie Dennis, Additional Representative

At the UN in Vienna

  • Elisabeth Jungmeier, Main Representative
  • Franz Schneckenleithner, Additional Representative
  • Mag. Helga Tiffinger, Additional Representative
  • Marie Dennis, Additional Representative

At UNESCO in Paris

  • Ghislain Le Ray, Main Representative
  • Gaëlle Pasquier, Additional Representative

At the Council of Europe in Strasbourg

  • Alfonso Zardi, Main Representative