Nonviolence, a style of politics for peace

When victims of violence are able to resist the temptation to retaliate, they become the most credible promoters of nonviolent peacemaking. In the most local and ordinary situations and in the international order, may nonviolence become the hallmark of our decisions, our relationships and our actions, and indeed of political life in all its forms.”

—Pope Francis, World Day of Peace Message,
1 January 2017

Pax Christi International has a long-term commitment to active nonviolence as a way of life and as an effective political strategy. According to SIPRI’s fact sheet on trends in military spending, world military expenditures were estimated to have reached $1739 billion in 2017, the highest level since the end of the cold war. However, in his 2017 message for the World Day of Peace, Pope Francis emphasised the importance for a renewed culture of nonviolence to inform global politics today, stating unequivocally that military responses to conflict only breed more violence. Nonviolent approaches to conflict transformation and peacebuilding efforts by governments and international organisations have been shown to be effective—and yet they remain underfunded. Pax Christi International promotes nonviolent policy options to sustain peace and security at the global level.

For more information, see our 2018 position paper in English, Spanish and French versions calling the international community to support nonviolent policy options for sustainable peace.

Please see this video titled: ”Nonviolence: a Style of Politics for Peace” of former Co-President Marie Dennis made during a panel discussion organised by Pax Christi International in Brussels in 2017.