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Pax Christi International opposes Israel’s plans for annexation

Pax Christi International opposes Israel’s plans for annexation and calls on the international community to hold Israel accountable for violations of international law. Pax Christi France and Pax Christi Austria have also published statements on this issue. For a PDF version of this statement, please click here. Pax Christi International vehemently opposes Israel’s plan to

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Pax Christi Austria rejects Israeli annexation plans

Landscape view of the West Bank showing buildings from Bethlehem.

The following is a statement from Pax Christi Austria on the proposed annexation of Palestinian territories.  Pax Christi Austria rejects Israel’s announced plans to annex Palestinian territories as a serious violation of international law. The advancement of this project by the Israeli government endangers peace, brings the danger of further unrest and does not help

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Global Solidarity with Communities, Indigenous Peoples and Workers at Risk from Mining Pandemic Profiteers

Pax Christi International joins more than 300 organisations from around the world in denouncing multinational mining companies that are profiting from the global COVID-19 pandemic. Resource extraction is one of the most destructive industries in the world, and mining companies are trying to profit from the current crisis. We condemn ways the industry and many

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