Nuclear Ban Action in Advance of MSP1

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Joint Appeal to 60 Governments

Participants in the recent webinar on nuclear weapons ban action are invited to sign a joint appeal to foreign ministers in the 60 countries where Pax Christi International has a presence. Signatures for the first mailing will be welcome until 11:59pm CEST (Brussels time) on 1 May 2022. Later signatures will be included in a second mailing.

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Direct National Letter

The Direct National Letter will be from members and partners of Pax Christi International to their own governments.  (See separate document for this template letter.)  All participants are invited join this follow-up action to reinforce the Joint Appeal. You are asked to fill in information about the sender and receiver. Please see the instructions in the template.

Direct National Letter (English version)

Lettre nationale directe (version française)

Un llamamiento conjunto a 60 gobiernos (Versión en español)