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Great Lakes: Instability continues but partner projects provide hope

From 15-18 January, the Standing Committee of the Association of Episcopal Conferences of Central Africa (ACEAC) held their annual session in the Amani Spiritual Center in Bukavu, DR Congo. During this meeting, also attended by Dieudonné Serukabuza, Pax Christi International’s Africa Regional Coordinator, the bishops discussed the major challenges affecting the three ACEAC countries of

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La stabilité chasse la violence

Histoire de succès PROJET D’APPUIS DES NOUVELLES GÉNÉRATIONS à LA NON-VIOLENCE ACTIVE ET L’ENTREPRENEURIAT Dans le cadre du programme de la région “des Grands Lacs” d’Afrique, et plus particulièrement dans le nord Kivu (RDC), Pax Christi International et Africa Reconciled forment avec succès des jeunes à la non-violence active et à l’entreprenariat. Les objectifs de ce programme sont de permettre aux jeunes

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Empowering New Generations for Active Nonviolence

“Active nonviolence happens when peaceful means are used to promote one’s ideas, fight injustice or resist aggression. It happens when respect for one’s adversary is preached. It happens when one advocates for a struggle that does not undermine the integrity … of one’s opponent.” — A young participant in the Kinshasa training, Democratic Republic of

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