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Pax Christi Responds to the War in Ukraine

The following are resources, articles, and events related to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and ongoing war there. If you are a member or partner of Pax Christi International and wish to have your event or resource included here, please email Erin Green at Pax Christi International Pax Christi International Statement – Ukraine Crisis:

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Listen for Lent

Pax Christi International prayerfully invites all its friends and supporters to embark on a contemplative journey of listening on the occasion of Lent.  We live in an increasingly noisy and chaotic world, with multiple global crises happening all at once. In particular, we are following with great concern the current developments in Ukraine. We express our

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The Double Threat of Nuclear Weapons and Climate Change

Nuclear weapons and climate change are two of the greatest threats facing the world. With nearly 14,000 nuclear weapons, nine nuclear-armed states possess the capacity to destroy humanity and devastate the environment through war. Climate change threatens all life and responding to it involves shifting priorities and resources away from militaries and war, toward just

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